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"It's not the things that make us angry, but how we think about things!" ( Epictetus)

I am Benedikt Grosser, yours
Business and life coach


Madness, what a world we live in today. Requirements rise above what is bearable at work and privately we also have to become / be high performers. Unfortunately, I don't have time for myself, or I can't treat myself to anything. For me it just means go, go, go! No break for me, on and on from task to task.  

Where is this going? I think right in the dead end you are in right now.


Make yourself aware that you can be helped in any situation! No matter how hopeless the impasse, we can both make it our task to lead you back on the road to success, to dissolve your mental blockages and to make yourself able to act again so that you can become the "determiner" of your life again.  


As a business coach, I also make it my job to stand by your side on your way to more success and balance in your professional life and to support you as best as possible. If you want to optimize your work-life balance, then you've come to the right place.  

Book your exclusive 1: 1 bliss coaching now! I'm happy for you

Even if you say to yourself: "It can't go on like this!" Then I offer you ...  


- Business coaching

- Life coaching

- Overcome depression

- Burnout prevention

- Overcoming procrastination

- personal development

- stress management

- Overcome fears

- Achieve personal goals

- and much more


I support you in German
English or Portuguese
Whatever you want.




The basis: Even the early Stoics knew it. "It's not the things that make us angry, but how we think about things!"

My approach: Imagine you have a stone (your problem / blockage) in your shoe. It bothers you, it hurts and you have been carrying it around with you for some time now. In our coaching session, we make it our task to get this annoying stone out and ponder less about where it might come from. We tackle the problem directly, because you are influenced less by the past and more by the present. This enables us to uncover your problems and challenges in a short time and to solve them sustainably.  

If you are interested in cognitive coaching, achieve your personal goals and finally want to get started, then book your free and non-binding introductory meeting here.  


Surely everyone would like to solve their own problems if they invest enough time, concentration and knowledge. But what is usually missing is the know-how and, above all, time. Figuratively speaking, coaching is like driving a taxi. You know the destination and want to get to your desired location quickly and in a targeted manner, but unfortunately you currently do not have the right vehicle.  

Let me be your taxi, bring you quickly to your desired location so that you can reach your personal goals faster. No matter whether privately or at work.  

In your individual coaching we do exactly that: uncovering, tackling, solving .  


During my business studies studies in Bingen and Stuttgart, I noticed that the same situations evoke different feelings and actions in people. Be it seminar papers, exams or z. B. professional lectures in front of large auditoriums. People can behave completely differently in the same situation and develop different feelings. Some are extremely troubled by the pressure, others even enjoy the exam situation. Since this question about the difference between these people inspires me incredibly and concerns so many people of today's generations, I have dedicated myself to "cognitive coaching". For this I have an apprenticeship at the Dr. Holzinger Institute successfully completed and am your business and life coach.  

With my knowledge and your willingness to tackle and solve your problems, we can create great things and make you ready to solve the future challenges of your life yourself, quickly and effectively.  

I'm really looking forward to you - your Benedict  

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