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Our passion is to bring more bliss into your life with bliss.

What makes a blissful / blissful

Life for us ?

A mentally and physically healthy life that you can shape the way you want it. Without constraints and pressure, but with the awareness of making decisions for yourself based on your intuition. Finding out what is good for you, creating values and content that make you happy.


We have all experienced a state of bliss before. When we are tingled with joy, everything feels light, we feel in the flow with life, could embrace life and ourselves and are completely with us. This may be the case when you swim in the ocean in summer, take a walk in the woods, at a party, meditate or have a cup of tea. This good and comforting feeling does not always arise accidentally and unexpectedly, one can also learn to consciously seek and experience this bliss.


Our joint bliss training, our recipes, podcast, coaching and tips should serve as a tool for you to feel this state again and again and to integrate it into your everyday life. 


Translated from English into German, it means bliss bliss. But bliss also stands for our first names: B enedikt, L inda, I sabella, S ophia and our common spirit, which defines the special bliss atmosphere. After five hours of intensive bliss meeting, way too much coffee and the most absurd name creations, the simplest and most obvious idea came up to connect the first letters of our names. A hint of fate that bliss means exactly what this concept means for us:

POWER - Embrace your power

Grow beyond yourself and  reach your next level physically and mentally.

PASSION - Life your live in Passion

Choose to do things with passion and passion.

PEACE - Make Peace with yourself

Take care of yourself and your inner peace, consciously take time for yourself.

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